In addition to window cleaning, Upscale Home Service in La Vista, NE keeps your gutters clean. Residential gutter cleaning in La Vista should be done twice a year: in the spring and fall. Avoid the dangers of ladder work by hiring us to remove debris from downspouts, skylights, and roofs.

 Cleaning and maintaining gutters reduce the potential for roof, siding and basement damage to your La Vista area home. Blocked or clogged gutters could also cause rotting fascia board that is behind the gutter. Gutters prevent water to pool around the home’s foundation and are designed to take water away from the foundation. Excess water, if not managed properly, will work its way around the foundation of the house causing it to sink, weaken and crack.

 Believe it or not, insects love unclean gutters. Gutters are damp or wet become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Most people do not think about clogged gutters being a source of mosquito problems but keeping them clean eliminated another source of those pesky critters and helps keep your yard more enjoyable.  

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